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A true representation of the newly formed body, the FHVI Grand Heritage Drive 2019 left no stone unturned in organising a drive that has left participants eagerly waiting for the next one. We thought the Royal Classic Car Drive to Mysore 2018 was a high standard to keep up with but the bar just seems to be getting higher with every single event.


Excited participants from different parts of the country arrived on the 17th of February 2019, at Ahmedabad. The event began with A short drive through the city to one of the most fabulous collections of Historic Vehicles of the late Pranlal Bhogilal, at the Auto World Vintage Car Museum.


The next day was the flag off from Hotel Ummed and drive to a beautiful palace tucked away in the quaint town of Dugarpur, Udai Bilas. On the beautiful lawns overlooking the lake, participants were served the most sumptuous meal. Sh Harshvardhan and Mrs Priya  Harshvardhan hosted the participants in their beautiful palace and the highlight was the witness of a centennial road roller steaming away and the beautiful display of Classic cars at the Dungarpur Mews Car Museum. The icing on the cake was the enthralling classic car themed bar, probably the only one in the world that rises! Something  that every car lover must undoubtedly visit!mCar lover or not, you will be blown away by the attention to details.


The day wasn’t over yet! Participants drove another 100 km to Udaipur where they received a royal welcome by  HRH Maharana Arvind Singh Mewar himself, in his magnificent palace. Awe struck the participants enjoyed the hospitality and warmth of the very gracious Maharana.


Day three was the drive from Udaipur to the quaint town of Deogarh. A 130 kilometer drive through one straight beautiful highway!

When participants reached their destination the sun had set. Not knowing what to expect they entered an arch, parked their cars and got down. Large open jeeps awaited them. Traversing through the little alleys, a steep uphill climb and the large doors opened out into what seemed like a fairy tale!

The Deogarh Mahal stood glowing and left everyone awe struck!

The night was followed by a beautifully curated fashion show by C Krishniah Chetty where participants got to adorn the most exquisite hand crafted jewellery and enjoy a night of laughter as they released Glow Lanterns into the starry sky!


Day four, after waking up to the stunning sunrise over the domes of the Deogarh Mahal, participants set off to the quaint little village of Khinwara. Residents of the village stood along the tiny road that meandered through the streets, showering each car with flowers. The most heartfelt and touching welcome that melted the entire day’s tiredness. A sumptious lunch amidst the beautiful courtyard of the Haveli cooked with love by the family members awaited everyone.

Post lunch, the cars set off into the gorgeous sunset, driving straight through the late evening into a hidden jewel, the Chanwa Fort of Luni.



Day five, a short drive from Luni to Jodhpur, where the cars were displayed for all the locals to admire. After a visit to the famous Mehrangarh Fort, participants were led to Hanwant Mahal, a beautifully situated restaurant with the most spectacular view of the magnificent Umaid Bhavan Palace.

Though satiated by the view, a lavish spread of the city’s delicacies awaited.

The drive after lunch was to another breathtaking sight, the glorious Khimsar Fort, which is also home to Sh Dhananjai Singh’s splendid collection of Vinatge and Classic Cars.

As the sun set, participants climbed into large open jeeps that traversed into the darkness and opened up into the spectacular sand dunes. The only light was from the starry sky. Camels stood, waiting to usher in participants along a path guided by oil lamps. A magical end to another fabulous day.


The final day was a long drive on the stunning roads of Rajasthan from Khimsar to Jaipur. The drive ended at the magnificent gardens of Samode Bagh with a lovely Gala Dinner, hosted by HSBC, filled with music, dance and chatter of a memorable drive gone by.


The FHVI Grand Heritage Drive 2019 was most definitely one that will be remembered for years! One of the highlights of the event was witnessing a majority of the participants bringing their wives and children along and inducting them into the fabulous world of Historic Vehicles, marking the beginning of a very promising movement that will protect, preserve and promote the Historic Vehicles of India, for generations to come!



The event was in association with, The Indian Heritage Hotels, Dharohar Royals, C Krishniah Chetty and Madras Heritage Motoring Club.

Co-Sponsors include, Advaith Hyundai, Classic Chase, Glow Lanterns, Wurth and Rajesh Motors