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The 30th of September – 2nd of October 2018, was the weekend when 50 participants from around the world, England, France, Sri Lanka and across India drove their glorious cars across Bangalore and Mysore through some of the most iconic structures created by man.


A feast for the eyes is an understatement. Every location rose straight out of a fairy tale. With the regal Mysore Palace lit up with 90,000 bulbs for the occasion, or the grand old Legislature of Karnataka the Vidhana Soudha, with the Chief Minister himself standing on the steps with participants viewing the city, or the breathtaking Chamundi Hills as the backdrop for the lunch at the Race Club, and last but definitely not the least the opulent Lalitha Mahal Palace a suitable residence for the guests and their vehicles. This event stayed true to it’s name every step of the way. Presenting, the Federation of Historic Vehicles of India’s maiden and most Historic event the country has ever seen, ‘The Royal Classic Car Drive to Mysore 2018.’


Elegant luncheons in palaces and stately dinners at breathtaking locations is what awaited the visitors in order to give in to the splendour of the state of Mysore during the famous Dasara, the festival symbolizing the victory of good over evil.


This grand effort visioned and executed by the President of FHVI, Dr Ravi Prakash and his team gave participants a three day immersive experience of a time gone by.

Over 40,000 onlookers in Mysore stood cheering at different locations, to witness the grand cavalcade pass by.


In attendance with their cars ranging from Lanchesters, Mercedes, M.G, Jaguar, Ford, Buick, Chevrolet, Morris, Austin, Alfa Romeo, Lincoln etc were some of the most passionate collectors and enthusiasts from across the country and globe. Mr Patrick Rollet and his wife Julie, not only graced the occasion as the guests of honour but participated by driving the route in a 1956 Jaguar XK 140. 26 participants came all the way from Sri Lanka, headed by the president of the Classic Car Club of Ceylon, Mrs Ramani Ponnambalam. Mr Peter Noble and his wife Suzie brought their beautiful 1924 40 hp Lanchester all the way from England.

Cars and participants came in from every part of India- Nagpur, Lucknow, Chennai, Kolkatta, Goa, Jaipur, Pune, Mumbai and Bangalore. 


It doesn’t stop there, the event ensured to engage every participant and their entire family throughout. Whether it was the exhilarating treasure hunt organised all the way from Bangalore to Mysore or the adrenalin pumping Slalom Test where the cars proved that age wasn’t a barrier for skill and speed. Sounds of laughter and excitement from all ages filled the air everywhere. 


The finale, a surprise unfolded as participants in their finest walked through a star shaped arch and a zig-zag light path into a beautiful field lined with coconut tress, lit up with fairy lights and 50 gorgeous Marques parked in a crescent. The fragrant smells of mouth watering spices with dozen’s of chefs cooking up the best for the best along with beautiful music and performances tying up all the emotions into one magnificent, memorable experience.